Software Support

os os os os

Installing and configuring Operating Systems
Installing Standard Apps
Installing Antivirus System
Installing Office and Accounting Apps
Configuring MS. Office Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird
Configuring “Share Folder”
Deleted Files Recovery
Removal of Viruses
Cleaning System from software garbage

Hardware Support


Installation of peripherals (printers, scanners…)
Mounting Projector
Testing of computers, replacement of damaged parts
Preventive maintenance of computers and laptops (cleaning dust update thermal paste ...)
Build new computers

Network Support


Network installation and configuration
Setting Up Wi-Fi
Configure VPN (Union remote offices into a single network)

Server Support


Installing and configuring Servers
Installing and configuring Mail Server
Build Backup System
Administering Active Directory
Proxy- Control internet access
Setting up remote access

Web Design


Individual and Modern Design
Secure and functional
Further support

IP Telephony


Voice menu IVR
Online and Offline mode of Voice menu
Queue of Incoming calls
The announcement of the position in the queue, the average waiting time
Call history CDR
Record incoming / outgoing calls